Our story

Welcome to YOLO

We are a group of friends with a shared passion for fashion, home styling, and unique designs.

After years of different projects, we decided to pursue our dream and set up our own platform to make tasteful and cool items accessible to everyone!

You Only Live Once—Do it Well

For us, living well starts right at home. It’s our sacred space where we can most fully express ourselves.

We’ve been gathering artistic home décor pieces from all over the web. Our collections are among the trendiest and most stylish.

Looking for small, unique items?

Or big, classy pieces?

We hope to bring them all to you!


What’s Down the Road for YOLO

Right now, our focus is on searching for creatively designed home décor. We plan on establishing a platform for designers at the beginning of their careers where they can present their art. We hope to offer creatives a warm and friendly space to grow.


What’s Your YOLO Style?

Come tell us! Share your home styling preference with us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a unique product you need help promoting, feel free to contact us at info@yolocollect.com

We’d love to hear from you.


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